Benefits of learning WordPress. Reasons Why You Need To Learn WordPress

What are the benefits of learning WordPress? Is it worth it? At the very least, learning WordPress is a primer for the industry, which has seen its demands skyrocket as social media presence gains traction.

As much as companies want to hire programmers and developers, there are still going to be opportunities for those who know about WordPress. Not only this traditional job field also I`ll show you the way you can make money in WordPress.

Also, there are benefits from learning WordPress in the long run. If you plan on launching your own WordPress business, it’s always going to be an advantage to have the knowledge. If you know how WordPress works, you’ll be able to find ways to squeeze more out of that system and make your business a lot more successful.

The popularity of WordPress.

Let’s talk about PHP and WordPress. PHP is literally is the leading programming language of the web. Doesn’t matter where you go if it is South Africa, Philippine, Australia, Japan, England, Mexico, Argentina, or the United States of America. Wherever you go you always gonna find PHP. So PHP has been the dominant programming language for years.


One thing that you’re gonna notice as you can see here on this website call a SimilarTech, shows you how big PHP is on the web. this shows you just all the frameworks that have built different applications online. So you can see here Laravel, Java, Nodejs, Express, Python, Ruby on Rails, Asp.Net, PHP and that’s like the entire web. Now you can see PHP is dominating 27% of the top 1 of many websites. Also the top 100 thousand websites. PHP still is one of those things. Go to the top 10,000 sites on the world PHP is still dominating 15% of all of those websites.

Now one thing that’s interesting about PHP is that PHP is 60-70% of the web and out of that 60-70% of the web, probably around another 60-70% of that is made with WordPress.

How about big brands in the market?

40-plus most notable big name brands that are using WordPress. As example TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, the Official Star Wars blog, variety, Sony Music, MTV News, Beyonce, PlayStation Blog, Sweden’s official website, Microsoft News Center ( like even Microsoft is using WordPress and they have other frameworks in content management systems).

WordPress is used everywhere. when it comes to content management systems, there’s no other one like WordPress. everybody uses it.

Whatever you’re gonna see a big brand whenever they have a blog or a section where they need to manage content meaning blogs, images, news, sports, whatever it’s out there literally they’re using WordPress.

benefits of learning WordPress in the job market

One thing that I can tell you is that you’re always gonna find jobs when it comes to WordPress. You’re always gonna find freelancing gigs when it comes to WordPress. You’re always gonna find something to do with WordPress. There’s always something out there.

So let’s talk about the jobs.


There’s a whole bunch of jobs out there. If you go to, you’re gonna see there are a lot of jobs that start at the bottom. That’s because when you think about it, the United States is huge. You can’t expect to get paid fifty seventy thousand or hundred thousand dollars in New York City. And then you think that you’re gonna get paid the same thing as somebody who’s in New York in Wyoming. But they still need WordPress developers in Wyoming. So the prices are different depending on the cost of living. So you always got to keep that in mind.

Also, you got to remember you can always be a remote developer. You don’t have to always just find a job in your area. You can always find jobs in different parts of the country or the world. So in job listing sites you’re gonna see web developers, WordPress content administrators, junior WordPress developers, and so on. That’s one of the reasons why I definitely tell you to learn WordPress. There are just so many opportunities for brand new developers.

Do I avoid other languages?

You could be a super fanboy of Python, Nodejs, Golang, or whatever you want to study. you could do that. But how about you get a job while you still learning to code? That’s all I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about how can we get jobs, how can we get opportunities.

So first of all there are always opportunities for junior developers, entry-level jobs, local SEO specialists, WordPress developers.

Even Florida is one of the worst places to live. when it comes to being a web developer there are always gonna be jobs. If you start looking ‘hey, I want to become a developer that earns eighty-five thousand dollars and more!’ well, they still have jobs like that.

How can I earn money after learning WordPress?

Now let’s say you are a developer living in an area where you’re not gonna get at least $40 $50 an hour. That’s fine. Do you know how you can make that money?

You can find some freelance work. That you think ‘Oh it’s so hard. Well, you got websites like Upwork, People per hour, freelancer, fiver.

On these websites, you could do some freelancing gigs. let’s say WordPress, depending on your skills you can charge from simply $5 to $50, $70, or even more than $100 an hour.

Also, there are a lot of opportunities. lot of jobs that you can do with WordPress. But let’s say if you live in an area where you’re not getting that much money. So how can you make more money with WordPress?

Use Envato market

Well, there are WordPress themes. You can literally come to an Envato market which is In this space, you can sell your themes. You could build a theme which is basically just a front page, a couple of plugins. you could even use other people’s plugins and sell them online and make some money.


let’s see how much money we can make with this. So you go to the best sellers on Envato market. And find their sales and their price.


As an example one of the seller did 443,000 sales with his theme alone at $60. So this seller earns $26,582,00. That is how much this person makes with one single theme. Just go to Envato market and do some research. You can sell tot of WordPress-related things in this space. At the start, if you have a budget, you can buy a theme or plugin and sell it on the Envato market.

Also, you could go ahead and build plugins and sell them on Envato market. Sometimes you are junior developers, mid-level developers, or senior developers. But you might think like ‘oh this is not possible. But people do this all the time.

Let’s say the number one seller that sells plugins on the Envato market. So let’s say $26 times two hundred and seventy thousand sales. How much is that? That’s seven million twenty thousand dollars. That this seller has generated from this one slider revolution plugin. It’s not that hard for you too.

Just think differently. To be honest, it is not that hard to generate money with WordPress. Let’s just say you created a plugin and you’re selling it for 30 bucks. $30 plugin that’s a pretty good price. Let’s say you sell a thousand. So that’s $30,000. If you go ahead and you start selling a thousand plugins per year, that’s $30,000 extra you’re getting every single year. And that’s not like an astronomical number. Literally, a thousand sales per year mean an extra $30,000 in your pocket.

So even if you might live in an area where you’re only making 60,000-70,000 dollars, that’s how you make an extra income of $30,000 from plugins with the Envato market.

How to learn WordPress-related things?

I show you the benefits of learning WordPress. So how to learn WordPress-related things online, in case you’re wondering how to do that. The best free resource is YouTube. You can find plenty of tutorials about WordPress, plugin development, theme development, and so on.

Also, the best place to learn things is Udemy has got plenty of tutorials about WordPress. You can easily follow this on your own.

My personal opinion “benefits of learning WordPress”

Now I’m not telling you guys to become WordPress developers experts. I don’t want you to become the expert. I just want you to learn the things that you need to learn in WordPress. Be able to make money with this. Ceevee global’s main aim is this. My whole goal is to make sure that you get paid and get jobs.

You know, becoming the very best developer is a personal goal. That some of you might have and some of you might not have. Some of you might just want to get a job. Some of you might just want to become somebody who’s independent.

But the end of the day you need money for everything. Be able to make money on the side on your own. So if that’s the type of person that you are like, take this learning. It’s not gonna hurt you. It’s just gonna open doors for you to work in different fields.

You can learn Nodejs, JavaScript, Golang, Ruby on Rails. You can learn everything that’s under the Sun. But also learn this, don’t deny it. Don’t go against it. That’s the web. That’s what the Internet is right now in 21st century.

WordPress has been around for years already and there’s a reason why people keep picking it up. It’s a content management system and if you know how to use it and you know how to develop for it you’re only gonna get gains. there’s no downside for me.

so like I said you can find little jobs and little side gigs on Craigslist and you could even check on There are a lot of jobs out here for WordPress developers. There are new jobs that are being created every single date.

I’m telling you there is no downside always it benefits of learning WordPress. It’s just an extra skill that you have. This is not something like, I’m gonna become the very best WordPress developer in the world. All you have to do is literally learn a scale. If you like being a WordPress developer, you could become a full-time WordPress developer and enjoy the benefits that it comes with.


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