Contabo Vs Hostinger which is better?

You know Contabo and Hostinger hosting services play a major role in today’s market. Before comparing Contabo Vs Hostinger lets find out the history of those.

Contabo started in 2003 in southern Germany. At that time the name was Giga-International. And they change their name to Contabo in 2013 with providing Hosting services internationally.

On other hand, Hostinger started a bit later than Contabo. Which is 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania. At that time their name was Hosting Media, and they change it to Hostinger in 2011.

Let’s compare some hosting packages they offer.

VPS Hosting Plan (Lowest)

Contabo - VPS S
Hostinger - VPS 1
Price$6.99 / month$3.95 / Month
vCPU Cores41
RAM (GB)81
Storage200 GB SSD or 50 GB NVMe20 GB SSD
Traffic32TB / Unlimited Incoming32TB / Unlimited Incoming

This is the cheapest VPS plan available for both services. Sometimes these prices may vary a little bit. But for the starter plan, Hostinger is the best option. If you need more power for your website goes for the Contabo service.

Below table, I`ll show you some key features both hosting servises have.

Contabo and Hostinger Features

Contabo - VPS S
Hostinger - VPS 1
Full root accessYesYes
DDOS ProtectionYesNo
SSH Keys SetupYesNo
Number of Datacenters81
Monitoring chart availabilityNoYes
Mobile-Friendly UINoYes

With this Contabo Vs Hostinger comparison you can get some idea about wich one sute for you. Above listed details are the key difference between Contabo and Hostinger. You can find more services with Contabo and Hostinger.

Services Offer By Contabo

Services Offer By Hostinger



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