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How To Create Landing Page In WordPress Free

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If you want to create a landing page? If you are a beginner you may don’t know what landing page is and create landing page in WordPress free for you.

Some of you know how to create a landing page, but do not know how to do it free. If you have a WordPress website, We will show you how to do it free.

What is landing page?

In the context of websites and digital marketing, a landing page is a webpage specifically designed for a company to capture a contact’s information.

Usually, this is an exchange for some sort of offers like an ebook, template, or video. However, it can also be an exchange for more information on a company through a demo, meeting, or over-the-phone consultation.

Ultimately, the goal of a landing page is a conversion or the exchange of a visitor’s information for a company’s offer.

Landing pages, get this information through a form on the page, but just because a webpage has a form on it, does not make it a landing page.

For example, a blog post might have a form for someone to subscribe, but the goal of that blog post should be the first and foremost, to educate readers, not convert them.

The best landing pages are optimized to get that conversion. Typically, through images, specific details about the offer, and reasons why the offer can be helpful to the visitor.


Once a website visitor fills out that form, they’re typically sent an email with more information on what the visitor was hoping to learn more about. And then redirect it to what’s called the Thank You page.

A new webpage where they can also access more information. This completes what’s called the conversion path. The visitor goes to the landing page, fills out the form, and then is given the information via email and a new webpage.

How To Create Landing Page In WordPress Free?

You can visit the video about Creating Landing Page In WordPress.

So creating a landing page required more work. As I mention above landing pages are optimized to get that conversion.

You can get landing pages WordPress themes, plugins, and templates from the Envato market. But in this article, I want to show you how to create a landing page in WordPress Free. I’ll get help from the SeedProd plugin to create a landing page in WordPress Free.

SeedProd Plugin.

What is SeedProd? SeedProd is one of the best landing page builder for WordPress. It offers easy drag and drop options and create all type of landing pages like pricing pages, checkout pages, and much more.

Also with SeedProd, you get content blocks, countdown timers, testimonial pages, and so on. This plugin has got more than 150 plus responsive landing pages and 80 plus content blocks

How to install and activate SeedProd Plugin

Simply first thing

  • log in to your wordpress dashboard and navigate to Plugins >> Add New.
  • In the search box type “SeadProd” and search
  • Then click Install and Activate the plugin.

How to setup SeedProd Plugin and create landing page?

Once you finish installation and activation you will be redirected to the SeedProd plugin main page. For this tutorial, we are using the SeedProd Lite version. If you want to use full version get the license key from the SeedProd website and activate the plugin.

  • To create landing page, on side panel click Landing pages.
  • Click on create a new landing page.

As you can see here provides a blank template and a lot of readymade templates too. However, for the lite version of SeedProd, you can get limited templates. Otherwise, you have to unlock the premium version.

  • Now select free template for your landing page.
  • after you select your required template, you wiil be asked to give a name for your landing page. This name will be show in your landing page URL. “Click Save and Start Editing the Page”
  • Once you click on that you will get very easy customer-friendly SeedProd page builder. It will give you a live preview while you edit your page.

Connect other tools for lead generation.

From the landing page collecting customers’ email and creating an email list is very helpful for email marketing. Also, readers can join your newsletters.

This plugin allows you to connect your landing page to email marketing platforms very easily. SeedProd will provide you with more than 10 email marketing platforms like Getresponce, AWeber.

But to use this feature you have to update to the pro version of SeedProd.

Finish your free landing page in wordpress and Publish

After you finish editing your landing page You can publish it or serve it for later edit.


It is easy to create a landing page in WordPress for free. For this, you can also use the template from the Envato market. But if you cannot afford that money, you can use this free method using the SeedProd plugin.

If you learn something from this post please leave some comments below. We will accept all king of visitor suggestions. It will continuously motivate us to improve.

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