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WordPress Hosting

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I create a WordPress website for my blog last year. It was at a good loading speed. But now I can feel my website takes a long time to load. Can I solve this problem?

Posted : 30/03/2022 5:41 am
Dimuthu Harshana
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Hi Friend, There are so many different variables and different elements to it. Som major reasons are,

  1. Your WordPress site has just too many things in it.
  2. Your web hosting is too slow.
  3. Your images are way too big.
  4. Hotlinking
  5. Caching.
  6. Content Delivery Networks.

I'm preparing a full article about this and will be published on or before Friday. once I publish it, I'll inform you. Please read it and try to impliment it. 

Posted : 30/03/2022 5:58 am