How To Add And Edit Categories In WordPress

Before getting in to add and edit categories in WordPress, let’s see what is categories? The category is a way of grouping content in WordPress. You can think of it as a label. If you want to get really technical, a category is basically one of the two predefined taxonomies in WordPress. The other one is tags. Now regardless of how we define it a category does the same thing.

It allows you to group similar posts. So for example you might have posts that fall under a news category, others that fall under a tutorial category. And depending on the type of website you’re running these categories will vary. The website with learning content like has categories for tutorials, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, and How to Fix.

Categories In

And if you want you can add subcategories for the parent category too. Different types of websites can have different types of categories. If you go to you can see main categories Like How-To Tutorials and subcategories like Code, Web design, and so on.

Categories in Tuts

I’m not saying that all those websites are built with WordPress. I’m saying that the categorization system still applies regardless of the platform.

How To Add And Edit Categories in WordPress.

So now because we’re talking about WordPress let’s see how we can add and edit our categories on this platform.

If we’re gonna open up a list of posts we can see that one of the table columns is categories. And here we can find all the categories that a specific post is added to.

So to add a category, we can go to the post and on the sidebar, where it says categories. We can check or uncheck different ones or we can add a new one.

So let’s say for example code. Categories can also have parents. So for example code can be a child of a tutorial.

If you want to add a new category choose ‘Add new category’. Type the category name you want and select parent category for your new category and click ‘Add new category’. If you want to create a parent category, just leave the parent category field blank. That way you can create a new category for your post.

So once you did that you can see those under ‘Categories’.

For each post, you can simply check or uncheck the categories that you want it to be a part of. After that when you hit update and go back to all posts. Then you can see that your post is under the category you gave before.

And this change is also reflected on the front-end of the post. every theme will display these categories differently.

How to edit Categories?

Now, what if you want to edit a specific category? When you open up categories under Post, that will give you a list of all the categories. And of course, from here you can add new categories also. You can even add the description to them which is something that we couldn’t do previously from the post screen.

If you want to edit you can simply hover to the category name and hit edit. Now you can change its name, slug, parent category, and description. Once you are done you can hit update.

Also if you want to delete a category you can hover over it and hit delete. Or if you want to delete more at the same time you can select them and from bulk actions, you can select delete and apply.

How Can I Add Categories to the Menu Section?

It is a really important part to add categories to menu items. For example, I’ll show you my menu structure in for your understanding.

For this, you have to go to the Menus section under Appearance. From there you can add categories to your relevant menus.


The end of this article hopes you can create and edit categories on your own. Also, you can add categories to your menu too.

For more information on WordPress, be sure to check out our other blog posts. And if you have any questions or need help to create or edit categories, don’t hesitate to contact me – I am happy to help!


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