How To Create A Website Using WordPress?

What is WordPress? If you’re absolutely brand new and you’re thinking, what exactly is WordPress? Please read “What Is WordPress? Do You Know About The History?”

Briefly how popular WordPress is in the world? Around 455 million websites around the world were built with WordPress. And 14.7% of the world top websites use WordPress today.

It’s basically a way for you to easily build your site without having to know any coding knowledge. So anybody can create pretty much any site with pretty much any feature that you want.

And all of this can be done with WordPress quite easily, even if you’re just an absolute beginner to create your WordPress site.

basics requirment of to create a website using wordpress

How to create a website using WordPress and what do we need at first.

Once you have purchased your domain and your hosting, you’re going to be brought up to your WordPress editor. That is going to be called the back end of your page, and that is going to be where you can do all of your editings.


So as you can see already, we have all of our categories sections, all on the left-hand side. So everything is really easy to find from plugins, adding new pages, creating new posts, and you need no coding knowledge at all to actually get started with WordPress and actually create quite an effective site.

You have a number of editors, the standard it too, would just let you build block by block. So for instance, if we want to add an image, we can simply, select an image and upload it.


And rather than having to find out the code for everything, everything has been put into easy sections for you to find.

Whether you want to add the media with text, you want to add galleries, custom page HTML. Of course, you can still use code on here, and you can always switch between visual and text. Text to be when you can code it yourself.

Visual will show you visually everything instead of cording what you’re going to be adding.

Now the list is endless. Not only do we have all of the features here that we can add to your pages and posts, but you can also download other plugins which will give you extra features.

So using WordPress, we’re going to teach you exactly how to build a very nice, effective site, just how you want it, and make sure you engage fully with your audience.

Whether you be a small blogger or a large blogger, a small business, perhaps you want to start an e-commerce shop, this is going to be the perfect place to get started.

How Domain and WordPress Hosting Works?

So let’s go through how hosting a site will work now. First, going to need our domain. Our domain is going to be or whatever you want.

For instance, Now you’re also going to need your WordPress hosting. So your domain needs to be hosted somewhere.


An actual site that you’ve built, needs to be linked with your domain. When people search your domain, bring them to that site.

So what we’re going to need to do first is we’re going to need to find ourselves a really great domain.

We’re going to do a little bit of research into what domain will suit us.

We don’t want to be getting one that really doesn’t see our niche relevance and you want people to be able to tell what they’re searching for by the domain name also.

You can find out below our listed domain providers in the market.



Now we need a good hosting package to host our website. There are many WordPress related packages in the market. Please read How To Install WordPress Like Pro to learn how to install WordPress installation. also below list shows you some best WordPress hosting providers in the market.

Hosting providers.


Then we’re going to grab ourselves a WordPress package and we’re going to connect the two using name servers.

This might seem a bit difficult if you’ve never done it before, but in fact, it’s actually a very easy, quick process, which we can do within a few minutes.

Once that is done, you’re going to be given a brand new blank WordPress site or have a few messages like “Hello”.

We can get rid of all of that and we’re going to be starting on an absolute blank site.

We’re going to go through some good hosting options for your WordPress and also how to activate the SSL so you get HTTPS secure connection before anybody visits your site.

Now you have brief knowledge about What Is WordPress And How To Use It To Create A Website. If you have any questions please comment below.


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