What is Better Font Awesome Plugin?

An excellent plugin that allows you to work with icons on your WordPress website is the Better Font Awesome plugin. This plugin is by Mickey Kay in MIGHTYminnow. It does have some pretty useful features you’ll like.

It is backward compatible, which means you can use earlier versions of the plugin on your WordPress website.

And it’s also compatible with other very similar plugins like Font Awesome Icons and Font Awesome shortcodes as well.

How to Use Better Font Awesome Plugin.

So let’s let me show you how to make use of the plugin. Once you install it comes down to your settings and goes to Better Font Awesome.

Now in here, you can choose the version of the plugin that you want to walk with.

You can also attempt to remove any existing Font Awesome CSS and shortcodes that currently exist. And you can also hide the default admin warnings that are shown whenever you have any errors occur.

Using fontawesome.com

In fontawesome.com we have a wide variety of different kinds of plugins and animation that you could also use with the plugins.

As an example, here we have animated icons.

So if I want the very first one in there as a picture shows, all I would have to do is to copy the relevant line for that icon. And open the post or page you want the icon.

Now actually it is very important that you paste the shortcode in the text format and not in the visual format.

The reason is when you paste the shortcode using the visual editor, the theme will add some extra code to your shortcode and disable it from working.

So the best method is to do this in your text editor. Then go ahead and paste a shortcode.

Let’s update the post or page you added the shortcode.

If you want to learn how to install and add a shortcode to the website, please watch our YouTube video below.

What other options available in fontawesome.com

There are so many options available on fontawesome.com.

You have options like,

  • Basic Icons
  • Larger Icons
  • Fixed Width Icons
  • List Icons
  • Bordered & Pulled Icons
  • Animated Icons
  • Rotated & Flipped, etc.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different ways how you can display the icons here.

So all you would need to do is just basically copy the lines that have the ‘i class’.

And then you could also edit the things if you want like,

For example,

<i class="fa fa-quote-left fa-3x fa-pull-left fa-border" aria-hidden="true"></i>
<i class="fa fa-quote-right fa-3x fa-pull-left fa-border" aria-hidden="true"></i>

So once again you can play around with all these examples with the icons you have.

And I don’t want to spend too much time going over every possible kind of icon that I can create using this plugin.

There are lots of examples on the website for you to play with and to find any kind of icons that you can work with.

So that’s it for the Better Font Awesome plugin. If you have any questions please comment below.


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