What Is WordPress? Do You Know About The History?

What is WordPress? WordPress is an open open-source content management service or CMS for short. Basically, it’s a free tool with which you can build a fantastic website.

There is a history of WordPress and some spatiality in this awesome website building platform. So let’s find out what those are in this article.

What is WordPress.com And .org

If you want to know more about WordPress.com And .org, please read this article “WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org – Which One Should You Choose?” to get a better idea about this.

But as a summary, wordpress.org is not to be confused with wordpress.com. It’s essentially the same thing, but wordpress.com is freemium and a premium platform where they host everything for you. But wordpress.org is the completely free community version that you can install onto your own web hosting onto your own local machine or whatever you want.

Why is WordPress so popular?

Compared to various web development platforms including custom coding sites that just take too long to create a website. Using WordPress, it changed the way to build websites. It really helps to

  • Quickly produce websites.
  • Very easy to navigate once you start working with it.
  • WordPress is flexible as a platform to make different websites.

And much more.

Which Type of website can WordPress create?

When the time WordPress starts, it creates blog websites. But currently, WordPress is a content management system. Basically, once you install it, you can change the themes, the plugins, add a shopping cart, take payments, and much more. So you can create

  • Blogs
  • eCommerce site
  • newsletters
  • review sites,
  • for affiliate websites,
  • you can make corporate websites
  • company websites

and I can’t think of sites that you can’t make with it. WordPress is the best platform for building pretty much any sort of website or even an e-commerce store.

History of WordPress


WordPress started from an existing open-source blogging platform called b2. When the creator of b2 was unable to support the program anymore. On April 1st, 2003, Matt Mullenweg created a new branch of this open-source program with the help of his friend Mike Little. Another friend of Matts, Christine Tremoulet suggested calling the new program WordPress. On May 27th of 2003, the first official version that’s WordPress 0.7 was released.

January 2004 saw the release of version 1.0, and that’s when Matt began naming the releases after Jazz greats, the first being Davis. Later on, in 2004, we saw the introduction of plugins which gave WordPress a lot of the power and added functionality that sets it apart from other website builder programs.

Since the source code of WordPress is available for all programmers to work with, you know, because it’s an open-source program, lots of programmers began creating their own plugins, which fueled the growth of WordPress even more.

Now about this same time, another big player in the blogging platform named Movable Type decides to change how they run things well, which didn’t sit too well with a lot of their users and after, they decided to check out this new kid on the block, named WordPress. Those users decided to jump ship over to WordPress, which also helped boost WordPress popularity. In 2005 the theme system and static pages were introduced. And from there on, WordPress has dominated not just a blogging platform but website creation has a hole with over 24% of the Internet’s websites being a WordPress site.

WordPress is constantly updating its code to make it better and more user friendly. as well as keeping it as secure as possible. You can see just some of the websites that run on WordPress if you head over to https://wordpress.org/showcase/

.What started off as a program that makes it easy to put online a “web log” of what is going on in your life, has grown into a website building powerhouse that will continue to dominate this market.


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